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Which veggies and herbs I am planting to guarantee (for as far as possible) a supply. I am working my agile way for this, as I learn what is needed and wanted in my local context and for our purposes.

If you wish to know more about my explorations into gathering flowers, roots, leaves and fruits and their applications, see my Flowering and Gathering Storyboard.

Name Cultivation Growing Threats
Angelica Cultivation Maintenance ?
Basil Cultivation Maintenance Unknown
Bell Peppers Sowing Maintenance None yet, fingers crossed
Blueberries Planting Maintenance Birds, Insects, Diseases
Chicory Sowing Maintenance So far, none
Chives Sowing Maintenance Blissfully unaware of any
Coriander Sowing Maintenance Knock on wood
Cucumber Sowing Maintenance Bacterial Wilt
Fennel Cultivation Maintenance Enemies
Feverfew Cultivation Maintenance Snails, slugs and black fly
Hyssop Sowing Maintenance Lucky us
Lettuce Getting started Maintenance Not seen yet
Lovage Sowing Maintenance
Oregano Cultivation Maintenance Spider mites and aphids
Pimpernel Sowing Growing Oblivious state
Small Burnet Sowing Maintenance Wildlife and rodents
Tomatoes Starting them off Maintenance Have not encountered enemies yet
Thyme Sowing Maintenance Pffft
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