Flowering and Gathering

I am planning my romps in Nature, plant by plant. Which plants to find when, where, for what part and what purpose. In no way is this a complete list. It is just my personal ongoing storyboard, in my context, for our purposes. And it evolves and develops, as a reflection of my gathering and exploration of applications.

Some of these plants I grow, or actively support while growing in the wild near the house, to guarantee (for as much as possible) our supply. For more on that see my Home Growing Storyboard.

Name Where When What Why
Angelica Archangelica & Atropurpurea
Marshes, stream and river banks, wet shores, sedge meadows, and along the edges of swamps Blossoms only once in its life (3 years); Gather seeds in August and early September and two year old roots in September or October Seeds and roots Angelica remedies
Ocimum Basilicum
Roadsides, woods, thickets, and home-grown Blossoms June to September; Gather leaves until blossoms Leaves Basil remedies
Vaccinium Myrtillus L.
Forest Blossoms in May and June; Gather fruits in July and roots and leaves in July and August Leaves, roots and fruits Blueberry remedies
Chicory Near rivers and home-grown Blossoms July, August and September; Gather leaves in early spring, flowers anytime they are fully opened, root is best in fall, but can be harvested anytime. Leaves, flowers and roots Chicory remedies
Allium schoenoprasum L.
From moms and home-grown Grows entire year; check your moms balcony and kitchen Leaves Chive remedies
Coriandrum Sativum
From moms and home-grown Grows entire year; check your moms balcony and kitchen Leaves and seeds Coriander remedies
Foeniculum Vulgare
Home-grown Blossoms from July until and including October Seeds Fennel remedies
Tanacetum Parthenium
Feverfew will grow anywhere, even in bad soil and among weeds. Summer Leaves Feverfew remedies
Hyssopus Officinalis
Wild on old walls and home-grown Blossoms July, August and September;  Gather in July and August Leaves and flowers (without stems) Hyssop remedies
Lovage, Lavas
Levisticum Officinale Koch
Farm-grown and home-grown Blossoms June, July, August and September;  Gather in October, root in next spring Leaves, flowers, stems, roots Lovage remedies
Origanum Vulgare
Home-grown Whole year Leaves Oregano remedies
Pimpinella Sanguisorba
Close to rivers and brooks, and home-grown Blossoms from June until September; Gather from mid July, and roots in fall only. Whole plant Pimpernel remedies
Small Burnet
Sanguisorba Minor
Pastures, meadows, waste areas, and roadsides, and home-grown Blossoms late May through June; Pick fresh leaves and flowers throughout the year. Whole plant Burnet remedies
Thymus Vulgaris
Home-grown Blossoms May and June; Gather same months. Leaves and flowers Thyme remedies
Fragaria Vesca
Between chopped wood and in sunny forest locations Blossoms in April, May, June; Gather in May Leaves and fruits Use leaves for tea. Expels urine and works against gout, liver problems and diarrhea. Young dried leaves help cure asthma, catarrh and coughing; Fruits stimulate appetite.
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