Druidic rituals and calendar

A druidry ritual is about taking the time to leave the world we live in and creating a sacred space for centering, focusing, giving thanks, and celebrating. It can be as simple as pausing, breathing deeply, acknowledging the gift of life, the land beneath, the sky above, or it can be as eleborated and complex as a group ritual that take weeks of preparation, days of fasting, hours of concentration, opening space together, building campfires, cooking together, doing all kinds of sessions (open space type) for cross training and gaining, making music and dancing, doing initiations (setting intent for a learning path), and closing space.

Creating sacred space

Druidry knows no temples in the form of buildings that are used as “permanent” sacred space.

What is known is a semi-permanent space like a grove. On occasion, we do plant trees for that. More common is the use of a space that’s recognised as sacred space, like a group of trees that make us feel that sacred connection.

Also known is transient sacred spaces that are created by circumambulation of a given area while holding a lighted candle, wafting incense, or sprinkling water. Temporary demarcations may be visually set up with torches, ribbons, or other simple visual markers.


Druids were renowned in the classical world for their knowledge of astronomy, and despite the suppression by Romans and Christianity, the dates and meanings of the major Celtic holidays have survived, and are revived in modern Druidism.

Nov 1 Samhain
New Year, Winter begins
Winter Solstice Alban Arthuan
Feb 2 Imbolc, Feast of Brigid
Vernal Equinox Alban Eiler, Ostara
May 1 Beltane
Summer begins. Feast of Beli?
Summer Solstice Alban Heruin
August 1 Lughnassadh
Feast of Lugh
Autumnal Equinox Alban Elued

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