Tom Brown’s Philosophy I in Holland!

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Stalking Arctic Wolf

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Tom Brown Jr. will be in Austerlitz, Holland this Summer to teach a Philosophy 1 class on June 27th-July 3rd, 2011.

Tom Brown Jr., America’s most renowned tracker and wilderness survival expert, has devoted his life to educating people in the skills of Tracking, Wilderness Awareness and Survival.

This course covers the philosophy by which Stalking Wolf lived his life, and that he taught to Tom during their 10 years together. While it is based in Native American philosophy, Stalking Wolf found many truths common to all mankind throughout his years of extensive wandering. It is the combination and distillation of these common truths that are covered in this, and subsequent, Philosophy classes.

The class will be held outside Amsterdam and this site will maybe become the home for Tracker classes in Europe. If successful the tracker school will expand the classes they teach in Europe in 2011/2012.

Class Details

  • Dates: June 27th-July 3rd, 2011 (this class runs Monday-Sunday)
  • Prerequisites: NONE  (Student must be age 18 or older)
  • Location:  Austerlitz, Holland at Stichting Jeugdbuitenverblijven
  • Price: Є1000 EUR (Є300 deposit due at registration, the balance of Є700 is due June 13th)
  • All of your food will be provided for you during your class.
  • There is no tenting at this site.  You will be sleeping inside in bunks; each room will be either male or female occupancy.  You can either bring your own linens or rent them from the camp for around Є15-Є20.  There are no private rooms/beds.
  • Transportation is not provided; directions will be supplied once you register.
  • This class will be taught in English only.


Due to limitations on the Tracker School website, registration for the Philosophy 1 class in Holland will not be going through the website. But you can use Pay Pal. This will allow us to be billed in Euros AND be able to pay using a bank account (certain countries only) or a credit card (in most cases, a Pay Pal account isn’t even necessary). Contact Sara at at for more details. *Please note that the Tracker Office will be closed from December 24th-January 3rd.


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