Winners and losers

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It is now known that most cosmic rays are atom...

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Western patriarchical culture outdid itself. Male energy of men and women that subscribe to patriarchy, is heading for a tremendous burn-out. A system that is rapidly losing control over what it conjures up. A system that does not respond effectively to its own knock-on effects.


More and more losers, burn-outs, unemployed appear. Women can no longer sustain their men emotionally. People want out of the system but are forced to stay in. And people that do not subscribe to patriarchy and theocracy like me can escape such slavery, but barely. The ultimate patriarch demands male energy to produce more, better, faster:

“Prove yourself in *my* dream! Or die! Or, um, you will go to hell for eternity”


More and more women can not actualise their male energy, and project ambitions on the men in their environment. This “driving force behind men”, a phenomenon signaling a system going awry, appeared already a long time ago, but it was seen as welcome feature, not as a “knock on” bug from male energy that happens to be backfiring at male energy. And claiming to be more response able and therefor naturally superior, then blaming female energy, is just too easy, isn’t it?

Male energy, due to its inner desire to compete with other male energy and to grab as much power as it can so it can dominate (more) female energy subscribing to patriarchy, saw the “driving force” of such female energy as “aligned” and, on occasion, also as justification for further knocking on doors to make a sale.

And where did males come from to begin with?

Long ago, all life on earth was haploid. Then some very smart beings, let’s call ’em X’es decided that some of them would sacrifice a leg, so that a Y chromosome could be made. The Y chromosome had different interference characteristics and was more susceptible to cosmic rays. A mutation lab as it were. We could respond faster to changes in the environment and evolve faster as a species. Great Theory.

In manifestation, patriarchy fixates the “I”. The “I” that left the “self” and set out to build a complementary home to the “self”. This fixation causes the “I” to lose its relation with self, with life. It becomes arrogant, condescending, estranged, distant, cold, super rational, calculating, controlling, exploitative, oppressing and very destructive. Everything to do with “self” and “self-reflection” is avoided, emotions of self and self associated are waved off, projected and condescended on, plopped, demeaned, considered “not interesting”, second class, or perhaps even third or fourth class. Fixation and stagnation is the result. That’s hardly response-able.

I, me and myself

Lif and Lifthrasir represent life and lust for life after Ragnarokish events. Both “Self” and “I” are required for a balanced system. In the dynamic field between the two, named “cognitive dissonance”, that’s where true learning, development, growth, progress, and evolution takes place. Knocking on and denying or reacting (instead of responding congruently) to effects coming back at knocker, are killers. Listening to, truly listening to, are key.

Men have to be able to identify with “I” and need healthy fathers, or other healthy men, in order to initiate themselves in these secrets for a healthy connected “self”:

The First Agreement: Be impeccable with your word
The Second Agreement: Don’t take anything personally
The Third Agreement: Don’t make assumptions
The Fourth Agreement: Always do your best and lastly
The Fifth Agreement: Be skeptical, but learn to listen

by Don Miguel Ruiz

But fathers and elders are too busy working, or already burned out. Women that have subscribed to patriarchy are on their own for teaching willful uninitiated male energy, and on their last legs. This creates next generations of career hunters, deceptive money makers, or losers that cannot deal with emotional dominance of women in congruent ways that bring contentment and happiness. Patriarchy, with its desire for dominance and ongoing deceptions, undermines its own position.

Knock, knock, who’s there?

Objective male energy would have to give up “I” temporarily in order to reconnect with “self” but for some men, if not most men, their “I” is too fixed in a fixation on power-over. Such a fear of losing “identity” is then projected on female energy as “to be feared” and blamed. Further oppression and suppression (through early years manipulation and role-modeling) follows.

The extent of a society’s development is reflected in the freedom that its women enjoy. The patriarchal society existing today is at least three thousand years old and is known to have shown scant regard for women and perpetrated many atrocities on them. Women have been objectified, considered men’s property, abused physically, their cry for justice dismissed, depoliticised and deprioritised, and in many countries, even their life is sniffed out at birth. Today 74 million women and girls are ‘missing’ in South Asia. Prejudices impede women’s entry in parliaments around the world so that they hold just over 18 per cent of the seats in positions of power. ~ Read more

Well, we balanced humans can do all we like. Work on ourselves, get our shit together, flog some dead horses, do all the satir work we can imagine and more, do some roleplay, reconnect with nature, become more assertive, learn (more) posturing to get some leads, whatever. It does no harm. But none of it will lead to wholeness of individuals and collectives on a global scale, as long as we do not repair and transform our local “common” contexts to a more contemporary world that works for all …

You tell me! What now?


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