No-Boundary Universe?

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The Hubble Ultra Deep Field, is an image of a ...

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In Stephen Hawkings’ no-boundary universe the universe is shaped like the surface of a sphere, with four dimensions instead of two. A surface that we can travel without ever running into an edge. In this analogy, unfolding in imaginary time, the North Pole associates with the Big Bang as the start of the universe. And just as the North Pole is not a singularity, neither would the Big Bang be. Bookprint was invented in many places at the same time by many people, like some kind of critical mass …

Yet modern studies seem to show the universe is flat … for as far as the one eye can see …

Such findings seem be have been co-created from a severely limited seeing perspective. I read Flatland (Burger) and Bolland (Abbott) and loved both: If the Universe were a hypersphere, and all beings were 3D on the surface of such a universe, we can probably not see a space curvature, pretty much like a flatlander couldn’t.

Kenning: If my local sensory input is based on my experiences on 3D earth, and my field view based on time, then in local reality I can see no-thing to indicate curvature, and looking inward with flat and smooth time, back at the beginnings of my universe, I can only “see” a flat grayscale curvature.

The degree

My 2 cents

And what about the ultra deep field studies showing proto galaxies? What if we are looking toward the center of Hawking’s hypersphere and into our Universe’s past?

A no-boundary universe would probably be quite the paradigm shift from current understanding of physics for most left brain dominant scientists. And what a beautiful transfinite game it could be where the Universe becomes finite and Bangs follow Crunches in a never-ending cycle delivering new Universes with infinite possibilities?

And just as the North Pole is not a singularity, neither would a Big Bang initiating such an aware game be?

What if there is no such thing as chaos?

What if that which has been made meaning of as random or irrelevant, are really fuzzy or incomplete structures being built in another dimension?

What can happen if we do not perceive unmeasurable, incalculable or seemingly irrational things as chaos, in particular in non-local holographic universes?

What if chaos theory is used as an excuse to stop exploring multi-dimensional space , in particular in timing and pattern, simply because contemporary scientific theories don’t describe everything (yet)?

Whenwhere oh whenwhere did I “hear” such reasoning before?

What if this attitude removes science from perceiving reality, like an absent creator of collective perception? Like a single minded One eye?

What if One eye is casting spells that creativity is a part of chaos and not a result of a self-organizing universe?

What if there are “enough” whole-brained micro cosmos star dancers for dancing critical mass in the macro cosmos?

What if Crunches and Bangs make for revolutionary changes? What if going with the flow makes for smooth evolutionary leaps?


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