Happy Tea

July 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

Many chai teas are possible, but this one is truly amazing. I got the basic recipe from Zylah, and then made my own adjustments in the herbs. She and her daughter call it “happy tea” and rightly so.

It makes me doubly happy. I love it, and so do my uncle and cousin. I am happy, and my empath is happy, and it relaxes and works to soothe upset stomachs. As basic tea I use “rooibos” (“redbush”) ~ This is a South African tea prepared from any of several species of Borbonia or Aspalanthus, believed to have tonic properties.


1 liter water
Rooibos tea
Some fennel
Some anise
Some cumin
Some ground coriander
3 cloves
1 tablespoon local honey
3 strips of cinnamon bark
Some grated ginger root
And even though it is outside our diet and rooibos tea does not have tannic acid, I do put in a few drops of whole milk. 🙂

I noted on your blog that the optional addition of milk was outside of your dietary guidelines — are you are looking for a dairy alternative? I’ve made a similar Rooibos preparation using coconut milk. The saturated fat content is similar to whole milk, but with a shorter chain fatty acid profile, and no cholesterol. — Melora Svoboda

Thank you Melora! — Nynke


  • Make the rooibos tea
  • Add herbs to your taste
  • Add the spices
  • Cook slowly for about an hour
  • Pour in cups through a sieve, and add a few drops of milk in each

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