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The two most common causes of constipation are a lack of dietary fiber and a lack of proper hydration. ~ Constipation Foods: What To Eat and What Not To

This is a myth. Constipation is NOT caused by lack of fibers.

Why do some people become constipated more easily than other people whilst on the same food? There may be many reasons. It may be an effect of a serious disease, it may (partly) be hereditary, it may even be an effect of previous eating habits, a sensitivity to certain types of food (including those that contain fibers) …

Constipation, like asthma, is caused by opioid peptides in wheat- and dairy products and beta-carbolines in prepared food. (proteinous prepared food in particular) ~ Food Causing Constipation

Opioid peptides

Opioid peptides play a critical role in a variety of biological processes, including analgesia, constipation, respiration, euphoria, sedation, and meiosis. Specific opiate receptors mediate the biological effects of these peptides. There are 4 classes of endogenous opioid peptides: enkephalins, endomorphins, dynorphins, and endorphins. ~ Transport Systems for Opioid Peptides in Mammalian Tissues

On top of that:

Brain opioid peptide systems are known to play an important role in motivation, emotion, attachment behaviour, the response to stress and pain, and the control of food intake. Opioid peptides within the ventral striatum are thought to play a key role in the latter function, regulating the affective response to highly palatable, energy-dense foods such as those containing fat and sugar. ~ Restricted daily consumption of a highly palatable food (chocolate Ensure(R)) alters striatal enkephalin gene expression

So NO dairy and wheat-products like bread, wheat cookies, all crackers (including rice crackers), cakes, pizza (especially the frozen and pre-baked ones), and pasta (pasta is less constipating when eaten with lots of olive oil and without cooked fish or meat). Butter is not constipating for it contains hardly any protein (opioid peptides are contained in protein) and lots of fat.
And NOT any kind of cheese (except the full-fat low-protein cream cheese).


Beta-carbolines are a class of indole alkaloids compounds comprised of the tricyclic pyrido (3,4) indol ring system with alkyl C1 constituents.

This group of indole alkaloids are of widespread distribution being found in 23 angiosperm plant families, 3 fungi genera, and in a variety of animal tissues. In addition, beta-carbolines can be found in tobacco smoke, marijuana smoke, and in charred food stuffs.

On top of that:

A clue as to the beta-carboline’s mode of action can be seen by examining their relationship to serotonin. It seems that ingestion of beta-carbolines raises serotonin levels and this increase is a result of the inhibited action of mono amine oxidase (MAO). Normally, MAO degrades the neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and epinepherine. Therefore, inhibition of this enzyme seriously affects brain chemistry. ~ NEUROPHARMACOLOGY of BETA-CARBOLINE ALKALOIDS

And in our context, that could tie in (be correlated with) Parkinsons.

So NO proteinaceous prepared foods, in particular, (heated-in-any-way meat, fish ~ especially the tuna and salmon in can), beans, grains, and tofu.

Mineral deficiencies!

Mineral deficiencies cause unbalances in pH regulation in the body. A deficiency of calcium lactate for example causes and alkaline body tissue while a deficiency of calciumcarbonate causes acid body tissue.

And the pH affects the bowels: High pH’s (alkaline situation) causes slowing down of the natural movement of the bowel (peristalsis). People who have alkaline excess have slow to very slow bowel peristalsis and this causes constipation. Because of the constipation the bowel is filled with toxins which keep being absorbed into the blood stream. The liver is then under a very heavy load to detoxify these toxins. That’s why constipation is often accompanied by feeling sluggish and brain fogs.

In short, body tissue that’s too alkaline can cause constipation, and too acid can cause diarrhea. And there may be many reasons why someone’s body tissue becomes too alkaline or acid. If the problem persists, consult your doctor.

So what to eat?

To get rid of constipation and all symptoms of it, rebuild the mineral stores BioMedX pH Correcting, using Reams-like analyzing.

To rebuild minerals, fruit comes to mind of course. But cook it if it seems to make it worse. At least the first 10 days. Raw fruit and vegetables can aggravate the constipation.

Get mineral supplements but avoid supplementary iron, calcium and mercury. The first because it can actually cause constipation, and the second because muscles can only contract if they can deport calcium from the cells. If calcium level is elevated, functioning of the colon-muscles is inhibited. Mercury also has a constipating effect, as mercury affects the nerve-endings in the intestines.

Eat nuts like unshelled brazilnuts, hazelnut or walnuts. Avoid peanuts.

Eat Sashimi. Raw fish can give cramps 2 to 3 hours after eating it. So consume fruits before consuming sashimi, and take your time.

So DO eat fruit for breakfast and cook that first. DO get supplements that up your minerals, but not iron, calcium and mercury. DO eat clean fats and carbohydrates (including sugars). DO eat fresh raw animal food. DO eat nuts but not peanuts (but not if you are taking something like Azilect).


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