Upset stomach

July 6, 2010 § 4 Comments

He was throwing up all day yesterday. Now it’s the morning after. He still feels on the edge of sick.

What to make for him?

It is more important to keep fluids up and electroytes balanced than it is to have him eating. Gatorade and Powerade may work wonders.

In terms of food, IF he is interested, I think my best offers are grated apple mixed with mashed banana and a home made chicken soup.

When apple turns brown it oxidizes and that is good for upset intestinals. And grating increases the surface area for the browning.

Note Not if co-incident with constipation.

The home made chicken soup has to be bland and starchy. Ginger, lovage, and/or mint can be added to sooth the inestinals. Perhaps some carrots and leek for some added nutrients, with a bit of brown rice for some starch.

More ideas and suggestions?


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