Pebbles in Noodle Soup

April 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Overall, I agree with C14, Pole Shift, Noodle Soup by Half past human ~ Adventures in Future viewing.

Some humans, faced with near term planetary crustal shift threats, take the fear management approach, while others respond with threat management (such as build a boat, move to the high mountains, et cetera). In the case of ‘fear management’, the hallmarks of this approach will be ‘denial, ban the message, kill the messenger, and more denial’. The ‘fear management’ folks will mostly find reasons to deny and suppress the ‘thoughts’ that are generated by the threat, and thus remove or lessen the fear that is caused. This living-in-active-denial approach will rapidly become a huge personal energy drain as events manifest over these next 3/three years. Rather than perceive reality as it will be manifesting, humans operating in fear management mode can be expected to harden their attitudes and actions under the pressures of emerging events.

And I would like to add a perspective. Fear management can serve to increase adaptivity and responding intelligently to changes. It can serve swift action threat management.

It all depends …

When dealing with emotions is distasteful, and ‘fear management’ made “evil-doer”, then we run the risk of giving reactions, not responses, let alone intelligent responses. And of course, in the face of a threat, like a Solar ‘Katrina’ Storm? Seriously? Or a Big Huge Nordic Berserker or Holmganger coming at me, while roaring and swinging a beautiful Battle Axe? In either case, sitting down for some meditative pondering of my emotions and sipping some white tea with honey, may not be such a good idea. But if it is not a code orange or red yet, I’d like to think things through first and when I know what needs to be done, then I am ready to do it. No regrets. Only response-ability.

And what if it’s a threat that I cannot manage, that I believe I have no power over?

Such as a series of upcoming earthquakes

If I investigate whether they are man-made, like when trying out the extreme paranoia “cognitive dissonance” of the currently ruling conspiracy theory, I’d be using time and energy for what? What’s the plan? How will we deal with people like this in power? I think this would be an excellent form of hidden denial. But we’re working on it, right?

My 2 cents

No need for a conspiracy though. Solar and Earth made is quite impressive enough in terms of “feeling powerless” for me. Impact would be huge on all people on Earth. Rock, plant and animal people, and humans alike. And it’s not in my power to prevent it. Every system dies. So I focus on what I do have power over. My own responsiveness and state of mind. I keep myself well-informed for that, and look at the space weather regularly too, if only out of curiosity. Whatever, at least it’s not boring!


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