Where to find happiness?

January 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

Don’t look for it in the “wrong places”!

In others

Either by projecting on others what “healing” they need to be “happy” or what blocks them from being “happy”. Taking authoritative stances trying to hold power over others so you can push your will, does not make happy. Giving your power away to people who take such authoritative stances claiming to “heal” you or make you “happy”, does not work either. That’s a Law. If you believe either works in the long run, you still have a (couple of) myth(s) to relive.

In the context

Having “becoming happy” as a goal does not work. Basing happiness on the existence of material things does not work. Stuff fades, breaks and gets used or lost, and you can’t take it with you. Happiness is not a zero-sum game. I can not tell you where you can find “happiness” on Earth. It is of an entirely different matter.

In self

That unfolds my full potential as a human being. In a respectful exchange in the now. Not pushing or pulling. Being. Now. In mindful meditation. A state of mind. In the flow. In friendships and relationships. When learning, contributing, and in general, doing things I enjoy.

How do I know I have found it?

By experiencing a sense of fulfillment, a satisfaction without undertones by empaths or interference from pretender voices. No “inferiority”. No “guilt”. It lasts a long time and grows better and deeper in time. And I can take it anywhere I go.

My 2 cents

Happiness is highly contagious. And it doesn’t stop me from pursuing goals or manifesting futures when those serve self, life, and others.


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