Happiness is a warm puppy

January 26, 2010 § Leave a comment

“Happiness is a warm puppy” ~ Charles M. Schulz

I cannot send email from my moebius email address where I am. I cannot talk to my bookkeeper face to face quickly. I’d have to take a train ride of nearly 3 hours to do so. Etcetera. I have seriously hampered myself staying in my current location. Why did I do it?

Well …

Tissy and Boris are both dogs that belong in a pack with my sister. Tissy cannot be in the same location as Boris. Big fights. Bloodshed. Tissy gets hurt as Boris goes for real. Tissy was the last one in, and due to depth of (human) connections increasing as time goes by, it is a LIFO system, and Tissy would end up in the pen.

Tissy is nine years old, has been a breeding dog, is not very social with (strange) humans, in particular scared of (most) men, and it is highly unlikely there would be other humans adopting her into their packs, to give her a nice old age, with much warmth and relaxed understanding.

Uncle Nico is kind enough to let us, Tissy and me, stay with him in Emmen until I get enough financial stability to get us a place of our own. In no way do I regret the hampering. It is well worth it. Happiness truly is a warm puppy, or rather, a warm and safe Tissy. And meeting Nico again, after decades of not much contact, is very enjoyable too. A man of great integrity, big heart, and sensible practicality. Connections, connections, …

Update: Tissy and me went to Bretagne, to my other uncle, Chris. She had nature, and running around, and more, and shared her happiness freely. Thank you Tissy, for …


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