Reflected sounds of underground spirits?

August 21, 2009 § 5 Comments

Economics explained (Terry Pratchett, The Colour of Magic)

I run into a wall. I am frustrated. I do not feel okay. I feel like I am not living my own life. Not doing what I came here to do. I have my own passions, motivations, dreams for change beyond stupid power games, that are aligned with my inner child, or else I have to re-balance myself again. No problem!

From Sacred Journey and the Three Selves:

When out of balance, the conscious self tends to use logic and reason to devalue the feelings and intuitions of the basic self the way some adults tend to devalue the feelings of children. This results in an estrangement between mind and body; we lose touch with our feelings and our deepest intuitions. To heal this imbalance, our conscious self can learn to reestablish rapport with our basic self, which leads to a renewed sense of vitality, pleasure, and health.

It all depends on what significance people assign to a particular “thought”. Maybe we need/have an authoritative source to refer to, to call it “truth”. Maybe we work from our own related recollections of experiences which can be rather vague, or hard to distinguish well enough, and hard to explain, for becoming (re)useful in an other context, to call it “grounded knowledge”.

The latter way requires allowing such recollections and “voices” consciously. When naming those “internal babble” or “irrelevant”, in order to more easily ignore associations and messages bubbling up, I would become even more unbalanced and stressed. In the flow, such basic economic messages on what I really want are not blocked.

Doesn’t mean I have to react with those wants all the time at the expense of others. I can respond if and when I so choose. And it is all personal. I can and will not tell you what is correct and what isn’t. I do love a good controlled folly dance though.

And how do I get back in the flow of life after frustration, running into walls, experiencing dissonance? I find what’s in “it”, in the denial room, the vault, the subconscious, basic self, inner child, pandora’s box, whatever you call it. And I am prepared to be surprised when the door is open. Then I allow myself to scream!

My 2 cents

These are what I keep finding: I enjoy change towards congruent freedom, it’s fun! Desire for experiencing the Unknown. Desire for more humor. Willingness to learn. Different experiences. Maturity. Following through on my own dreams, not those of “authorities” or “bosses”. AND I AM HUNGRY!!!


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