Not scientific at all!

August 20, 2009 § Leave a comment

In reference to the youtube clip “32 – Is Time a Direction?”

Rob Bryanton, its creator, and by association me too (forwarding it to some colleagues) have been called “unscientific”. True, very true. His ideas are not revolutionary tho. They are unscientific. I have some similar yet not same ideas. And I not only admit they are unscientific, I am very okay with that.

I reserve the right, as a scientist, to occupy myself with and to discuss philosophical subjects, and to write or forward unfounded hypothesis if and when they seem interesting for understanding the human mind better. As far as my own unfounded hypotheses about banana’s, I actually believe in those. They may not be scientific, but they are response-able, and give me greater pleasure, fun and joy.

There are truths mankind has lived with for millenia, maybe even longer, and that we have tested through and through, yet they cannot be proven “correct”. This makes me wonder. Wondering is okay.


My workable hypothesis on life can be likened to a room (or a box if you like, with a cat in it that may or may not be alive). Many scientists have tried to “get in” to no avail. I opened it with a controlled folly key, and though the key isn’t a “real” key but looks more like a “passkey” to other scientists, the door to new realities is still open, and what’s behind it becomes accessible. I can’t prove my key to be real, but who knows, someday in some future …

What’s (in) the room?

You, me, mankind, and, if you like, the cosmos. At University people are not taught to keep it simple. For a scientist the world is very complicated. We run around in that labyrinth like mice, seeking a way out. We don’t step through walls or closed doors. We follow the paths created for us, and kick in already open doors. We describe what we encounter, give everything a name, find the remarkable, compare “things”, distinguish more differences, and then we write a thesis. And with that, we still don’t know what “it” is, where “it” came from and why “it” became what “it” seems to be, and does what “it” does.

And when someone else reads my thesis, his or her thoughts can fight mine, or his or her thoughts can try to make my thoughts their own to look at what appears, after which “it” can always be shaken off and put in the wardrobe for another such occasion, or thrown away. And who knows what happens when thoughts travel between minds? I certainly don’t!

Psychology, the last frontier

We haven’t even begun to understand our own mind, your mind, or that of mankind as a whole. And we can’t just use “pure science”. Nobody is ever the same in the next moment, yet forever the same to him or herself. Like a stilling movement. The unchangeable form of formlessness. Scientific research cannot penetrate this mystery because it is (of a) different matter, entirely.

My 2 cents

In my book, our core is the power of life, the whole dignified dance with chaos, from fearful yet unbridled imagination to impressive and captivating beauty. I happen to think Rob Bryanton is brilliantly Imagining the Tenth Dimension. And it’s only that, imagination. String theory isn’t real either. I’m enjoying his mind (or rather what my mind makes of his expressions) a lot, and I think others might be interested too, and can make up their own mind on whether they like his imaginary frolicking about, and the visualisations and songs.



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