Intention to be really, really hungry

July 9, 2009 § Leave a comment

One of our discussions at the geeky party was about male energy projections:

In terms of universal emotions, the three major (collective unconscious) projections of male energy on female energy: practical mother, a “liberated” woman a la Emmanuelle, a saint, …

It seems that Jung recognised, although he gives little time to it, that the anima in women does not function entirely like the anima in men, that is, as a complement or balance to the conscious nature. He implies that in men, the anima functions on both personal and archetypal levels. On the personal level, it is projected onto wives and lovers and functions as a balance to the masculine ego. In women, it functions more on the archetypal than personal level. It is a soul force, and hence finds expression in artistic and mythological projections.


One of the places where we expend a lot of energy is in working. We need to pay our bills, live comfortably, play a little and do at least some of the stuff that we really really want to do. People that know me a little bit better know I like and live a basic minimalist standard of living, and that I do that in order to feed my hunger.

From What is hunger?

What has happened and continues to happen is male energy tries to dominate the hungers in order to create an artificial ethic of work without meaning and purpose. That energy does not understand real wealth. When we feed our hunger, then and only then can we step inside the greatest of Sacred Laws–maximum efficiency with minimum effort. Our work is truly being of service in the assistance of feeding the hunger of others. When your hunger is met, you have the orende to do your work with maximum efficiency through minimum effort and, therefore, generate the unlimited sources that will feed all hungers. If you work to feed the hunger, you will lose what little source of the force you have because work does not come first. Hunger does.

Cap’n on deck!

In other words, the person governing or guiding my Ship of Fools is my self. The First Mate and rudder will steer the Ship’s course guided by personal knowledge of the purpose of my life’s journey. Underway I meet challenges. The more I can see, the more I can learn. I am a free human with choice and can determine for myself, what is enough and what is too much. No external (male) executive or manager required.

Minimum effort, maximum impact when meeting challenges

For example, when I am procrastinating answering my email, I know that putting things off will only fill up my mailbox even more, and that will increase my feeling of being overwhelmed. A spiral downward. I used to try and filter out from least important to most important so I’d have a “do-able” task, a list of emails “to do”. And that list grew longer and longer and longer … I have now decided to spend an hour on email every morning and evening. Not more. And in those hours I reply from “most important” to “least important”. The rest goes in the archive, and what’s older than 3 months is deleted.

As an additional benefit to this strategy, people that are insulted when I don’t reply or reply not “quick enough”, are not in my “20%”, and make that so. Meaning, they are not in my 20% of people who do like me and have a high degree of tolerance for my idiosyncrasies. People that are not in my “20%”, will criticize me, try to put me down, speak behind my back, spread gossip and discord, and I will not feel relaxed when they are around. That might as well stop right then and there, with taking offense that I don’t reply to their emails “in time”, or not at all. Saves me a lot of time and energy.

I get to focus on what my priorities are, make more and more efficient (impacting) use of my time and energy, and I choose to relax, catch my breath, and replenish my internal resources regularly. Maaannnn, those Spa’s are wonderful! A full day of differently smelling sauna’s, a snow sauna, turkish bath, steam bath, floating in salt water, dipping in ice-cold water (literally), sitting in the sun in nature nipping an orange juice or eating a salad … it really does the trick.

Ockham’s Razor

Image links to site with more fun mugs!

My Constable applies Ockham’s Razor to every day decisions in work and relationships, and that makes for a sufficiently lean being. We can razor away energy drains and sinks. Ockham’s Razor can be applied so that the people we choose to be with are like-minded or present significant mirrors useful for our own dreamings and projections we wish to manifest.

There is no reason to waste time and energy with people who simply aren’t worth it for our personal life’s journey.

Walk The PlankMisplaced guilt, blame and shame may tell us we should try to keep them in our crew, or as ship in our fleet. Maybe they are on board, or a ship sailing with our fleet, maybe they are not, but they’re the captains of their own ship, and supposedly response-able. Honestly, with integrity there’s no problem ruthlessly applying the razor.

My First Mate will make invaders on me time an’ energy walk th’ plank!


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