Every System Dies …

June 2, 2009 § 2 Comments

Rest In Peace

That is not the real problem! It is in how we cope!

Our fear of death of the old system may be our greatest fear at the moment. It slows our rhythms, decreases our energy, and actually makes us do what we fear the most – cause a premature death of the (economical) system.

Yet any late status quo can be a beautiful time when approached with grace and a sense of ease :).

We can perceive the old status quo of our current system as sick, bad, stale, wrong. And this may lead us to (economical) death without honor, dignity, and integrity.

What if …?

What if we were to change our perception to this being a time for wisdom and reflection? What if death is our ally? What if we were to choose to meet death, walk with death every step of the way, and learn about peace and tranquility. What if we did/do not let ourselves be influenced by our image makers? What if we can accept feelings of devotion and love, and discover it does not make for loss of power, but actually increases our power? What if more commitments to persons and earthly situations actually increases the territory in which our power identities can operate, and increases utilisation of the resources that we possess?

My 2 cents

If we kill our fear/enemy inside ourselves, and we become friends with death, will we finally stop trying to escape death by creating wars?

What if none of this matters in emergency events, and is of little application to the adaptive aspect of life? What if all cultural attitudes and identities and system stabilising are “out the door” in case of an emergency? We can still put our resources to work for honor, dignity, and integrity, and walk the system to its death with grace? Put our resources to work for getting our stuff together and stepping into a survival mindset with wisdom and congruent reflection?

It is time for controlled folly where complacency rules! For spinning the wheel of life again. Death gives Life.


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