Going Up?

May 6, 2009 § Leave a comment

Transcendance: Surpassing others; preeminent or supreme. Being above and independent of the material universe (or multiverse for that matter). Used of the Deity.

Ascendancy: Superiority or decisive advantage; domination.

In general we saw the ascendancy of Managerial capitalism and free markets (cluttered mind) andConceptions of the good life (not thinking mind).

Behaviorist views took over from public-minded, participatory ideals of progressive pragmatists. Power went to the experts and technocrats (not knowing minds), and rationalised versions of what it is to be human were used to further rationalise capitalistic economics. Super-reasonable.

Black and white perceptions discerning the “rationality” of science from “irrationalism” of any other dimensions of life are misguided (closed minds). Scientific thinking does not organize data in ways that are any more, or any less, rational than political ideologies (pemes), religious beliefs, chosen (martial) art and dance forms, and really kewl photostreams.

My 2 cents

Perhaps, in the not too far future, we will see the ascendancy of absence of resistance and pretense, and the presence of clear intent and the ability to freethink, to question, to examine …! Transcending, the little girl goes beyond the limits of experience (mirror mind).


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