Don’t think about bananas!

December 15, 2008 § 6 Comments

The Church of the BananaIf one accepts the existence of “cosmos”, it means one believes in “something”, which may be a banana. And from “something”, “something else” can be created, like a banana tree.

The second Universal Law states that all things are born of Woman and seeded by Man; all things are born of the feminine receptive conceptive principle and seeded by the active creative masculine principle. Thus all things encompass these two aspects and are sacred — The teachings of the Twisted Hair Elders of Turtle Island

Let’s assume

… that cosmical content has no properties that human senses can register, none whatsoever. Because the starting point of intelligence is always an observable, there is no way our intelligence can comprehend the cosmos. Something that has no mass, no weight, no beginning and no end, no boundaries and no content, no form, no volume, no duration, no knowable elements, we cannot hold, we cannot grok.

We experience “it” as nothing and therefor we call it “nothing”. And that is just a word. A name we gave it. For us, cosmical content is nothing, but seen through the eyes of the cosmos, it is a reality.

We can give content to a word. A reality is something concrete. We experience ourselves, each other, and the world we live in as concrete.

These distictions are significant

These distinctions imply that when we face a hard to solve problem, it may be that we are looking at the “problem” in the “wrong” way. Every act of creation assumes an intervention in the cosmical order, yet the cosmos is a continuum, a neverending story, just like time is, never standing still, never speeding up, and never slowing down. There is no room for jumping, not even sideways. Absolutely undisturbed, the cosmos goes its own way.

The mere notion of a successful intervention in the cosmos is as useless as assuming a river could skip a part of its course. Yet, when it concerns cosmical problems, this is exactly what we humans tend to do:

If it is correct that earth started as a gaseous cloud, a shred torn from the sun, then life cannot have existed at the beginning. And assuming it cannot have reached us from outer space, only a possible act of creation remains as explanation for our existence. Because, that which didn’t exist in the beginning, yet does exist now, must have been created by God.

And with that reasoning I have just made the course of a river run up and over a mountain, and made a banana look straight.

Creation myths ~ My 2 cents

Just because humans cannot find an explanation for the existence of life, does not prove that the cosmos turned its own order upside down or into chaos. It just proves a lack of understanding on our part. And that’s a good thing in my book. For this means there is still a lot more to (serendipitously) explore!

What could be an intelligent distinction between matter and life?

Observation: Both matter and life grow from an asymmetrical instability towards a stable state, a symmetrical stabilisation form. When this state is reached growth stops.

And so I find myself wondering …

What if the growth process of life never stops?

What if life is a permanent fundamental asymmetry?

What if life is a state in which stabilisation is impossible, unachievable, unreachable?

Observation: Our creative thinking seems to be obsessively striving for symmetry. And it reveals itself in everything we create around us. When we think we create a grove or a forest, what we truly create is an orchard, a garden, or a park. And … the cosmos does not know such “perfection”. It divides and unites, being both asymmetrical and symmetrical. And it follows its own laws, not necessarily ours.

What if fundamental asymmetrical values exist?

And bananas, and banana trees, and banana tree orchards, and “wild” banana trees?

Values that will never come to symmetry?

What if this is the hidden home of what we have named “life principle” or “second law of the Universe” as mentioned in Teachings of the Twisted hair Elders of Turtle Island?

“All things are born of Woman” speaks about WahKahn, Great Grandmother of our Universe, the spaces between the stars, the great receptive creative Creatrix; about Eheytomah, Grandmother Earth, the receptive creative energy of this planet Gaia; and about Quetzal, White Buffalo Woman, Earth Mother.

“… And seeded by Man” speaks about SsKwan, Great Grandfather of our Universe, the sparks of the galaxies and stars, the great active creative Creator; about Sohotomah, Grandfather Sun, the active creative aspect of that brings life to this planet; and about Coatl, Sky Father.

My 2 cents

Humans are not purely woman or purely man, but ~according to the Twisted hair Elders~ a perfect blend of the two complements, regardless of the gender of our physical body. All births of all things are actualized from the feminine nature and sparked from the active male principle. For example, a book or work of art, or article, is gestated and birthed by our feminine side, and the spark of inspiration and the subsequent actions stem from our male side. And we can consciously honor this process. Life develops what it demands, and we can only maintain what we can sustain.

Teachings of the Twisted Hair Elders of Turtle Island


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