Ship, dancer and feet petroglyphs

August 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

Feet in sandals
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You will have no idea exactly where to stop on that road. No cue, except a tractor path like hundreds others. Nothing more can be seen. Then, when walking up that path, in a bush, *if* you notice, is a small sign, describing the Jarrestad stone. When you walk further, you are walking on a stoney surface, and suddenly your body goes more alert. A slight shift, a puzzle is felt … seeking what you just saw or heard, and there it is … *that* is no natural pattern. What is it? You may begin by having seen a footprint, and then, as your brain learns what to look for, they all appear …

… ships, prey, footprints, cupmarks, a dancing man …


Originally uploaded by prlwytskofski

The dancer is a human figure with bird-like figures found in Jarrestad, a carving site with over 550 figures and 700 cupmarks. It may be a magician or a god.


Ship and feet petroglyphs
Originally uploaded by prlwytskofski

In general, according to most petroglyphs, ships of the Bronze Age were large paddle-driven canoes without sails. Besides this ship we also found one which seemed to have sails. Sadly, we don’t have a shot of our own, but we did find: 28 PROCEEDINGS OF THE SOCIETY, DECEMBER 9, 1878 (pdf)


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