Earth is not a closed system we know too well

December 26, 2007 § 2 Comments

A simple Scenario Planning and example of Earth being locus of authority.

Not a closed system

The state of the Earth’s climate is dependent on the amount of energy stored by the entire system, and in particular the balance between the amount of energy Earth receives from the Sun, in the form of light and ultraviolet waves, and the amount of energy the Earth releases back to space, in the form of infrared heat energy.

In our contemporary times, changes in Earth’s atmosphere became evident as a consequence not of natural processes but of man-made pollution, through emissions of greenhouse gases. The causes of climate change involve any process that can alter this global energy balance. According to theory, there are a number of natural mechanisms that can upset the energy balance, for example Analemma, fluctuations in Earth’s orbit, changes in ocean circulation and in the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere, and collisions with meteorites and meteors.

Man-made climate change or not?

By altering the global energy balance, such mechanisms “force” the climate to change (faster). Speeding things up this way is therefor called “climate forcing”. Climate forcing “forces” the climate to change. We humans do seem to be “forcing the climate”. I found a really good article on some of the emissions and their effects on LUPUS ANTARCTICUS.

My 2 cents

Focusing ONLY on some of the external causes by saying emissions have no-thing to do with it, may get us to think, “Oh, so internal causes play no part, and there is nothing I can do anyway”. And with that, we may close our own systems in black and white linear thinking, overlook what else is also happening, and that in turn, can lead to procrastination on taking action for those things we can affect differently. In other words, looking through single-minded Sun glasses does not produce first sight.

In reality, humanity can choose to minimize how we affect climate so that we can better prepare for effects of external causes that we really have no say over, and vv. Some of the action(s) we can take to prepare for effects of disasters caused by things we indeed have no say over, can also work to diminish human influences on vegetation, water systems, oceans, and atmosphere.

At minimum, we can choose to relate such thoughts in many directions, and discern between personal needs, wants and desires. Perhaps even shatter mirrors of self-importance and self-pity, becoming less vulnerable to wanting (to be) “Masters”, “Gurus” or “Fathers of The Universe”, or giving our power away to those that claim to be. An awakening in and of itself.

And it’s not only external factors like Earth’s orbit and Solar emissions we have no say over, we also seem to have no control over some internal factors like (the impacts of) large volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, and geomagnetic field changes (egging) of Earth.

May factors in our lives we have no control over never be used to deny accountability and responsibility for both intended as well as unintended effects that our own behaviors, that we do have control over, have on self, life, and others.


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