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From a Dilbert comic strip:
Q: Why does it seem as if most of the decisions in my workplace are made by drunken lemurs?
A: Decisions are made by people who have time, not people who have talent.
Q: Why are talented people so busy?
A: They’re fixing the problems made by people who have time.

Between land and waterThe western world in particular has forgotten what it means to be idle. To just sit under a tree and do nothing. Not read. Not make a webdesign. Not work. Certainly not pick up the phone or read email. Just sit and watch the world go by, with all its little details, and see what is happening.

The fox that JD and me received as a give away on the day Jimmy died was fully intact. We gave it a place above ground on “the estate”, near the lake, on a tongue of the land sticking in the lake. It has been there for more than a month now, and regularly I go see, and do nothing. Just look and empty my mind on this gift.
First Sight

This morning walking around the lake with a guest we found the fox moved, and plucked somewhat. My mind had set in (second, third and even fourth thoughts bubbled up) and I was puzzled, wondering. Seeing more, we also found some small remnants of a fish that had been eaten clean, except for its tail.

It is these seeing first ways that I use for finding the possible in what seems to be the impossible. And each time it is somewhat of a journey. A quiet, silent journey that I would not be able to follow if I was “doing” or “thinking” things.

Idleness isn’t as crazy a concept as many think. Our days don’t need to be filled with stuff for serving other people’s “dreams”, not even for our own “dreams”. We often mistake what the true dream is. We don’t have to visit every monument and standing stone on a vacation in Bretagne, or when visiting anywhere else for that matter. The journey is inside. It’s often more beneficial to do nothing. As in NO-THING. Then our own true dream unfolds right before our (e)very eyes in the most puzzling beautiful journeys.
Egretta Garzetta

Living is dreaming – Thank you, Egratta Garzetta

What if you we all do/think “no-thing” now and then and determine for ourselves what our own dreams are, instead of continuously being busy with solving problems and tackling challenges that have us repeat and propagate our ignorance.


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