Say NO to Vader’s slavery

November 4, 2007 § 1 Comment

Many years ago, still at school, I claimed Papageno and Papagena to be the central characters in Die Zauberflöte. Of course my teacher disagreed, could not ground his disagreement as well as I could support my claim, and subsequently labeled me as “having a problem with authorities”.

Why Darth Vader moved to the dark side?

Suppose not the hero Luke Skywalker, but the villain Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) is the central character in the six-part Star Wars chronicle where Anakin travels from little boy and amazing pilot, to apprentice Jedi, to Jedi turned Sith, to Darth Vader, and to Death. Without dark side there is no Vader and without Vader there is no Star Wars. I believe Anakin’s move to the dark side of lording power over others and supporting an imperialistic system is based on three “things”:

  • He was a bastard. His father was nowhere in the picture. He had no proper male image maker.
  • Both he and his mother were slaves.
  • He leaves his mother to become a Jedi. He allows himself to be set free from slavery, and when returning years later he finds that she has been savagely mistreated by some tribe and survives just long enough to die in his arms.

Oh, Biggie. It was his mother’s choice, and he was still a minor. It was not in his power. And saving both not in hers. Moms do that with love. True, he could have returned sooner to free her (and find out she was already free, she got taken by the tribe being free later).

But that didn’t happen. A guilt trip. Now that I call a self-esteem predator.

So which of these apply to our politicians?

Each of these environmental factors in and off itself have enough power to keep one addicted to extreme self-importance games (because of hidden low self esteem, maybe even self-pity).

I believe this lies at the roots of why “democracy” is failing. People no longer believe politicians are representing them effectively. Why? Politicians fail to get at the heart of the problems people are experiencing. No direct relationship with those they represent.

And which of these apply to ourselves?

“They” seem to be working for their own interest and political games, not for a common environment conducive of life. Worse, it seems lots of politicians/teachers want to lead civilian will by structuring our thinking for us and making us manifest what they conceive, rather than representing and acting on civilian will.

Are we accepting that? Are we passing on slavery too? Do we believe it was or is all in our power? Do we believe politicians blindly? Are we response able? Account able? Do we give our power away to others to conceive for us while we labour away manifesting what dream they conceive?

My 2 cents

The greatest danger lies within: a relentless shifting of blame from those who benefit from oppression to those who suffer from it, can render us powerless. It isn’t a black and white problem, but believing it is, is a big problem. Angry, frustrated, and on the defensive, we may allow ourselves to be led to adopt their values and tactics and to oblige “them” by doing part of “their” destructive work.

Instead I focus on timing and patterns for substantiating new forms that will keep me more responsive to changing environments, in the flow of doing, manifesting beyond-throwing-tantrums-dreams. I am me, and I am okay.


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