Creative Unknown

October 4, 2005 § 2 Comments

Can you recall
how primal self
screamed its needs
and found

Do you remember
how agility
brought healing
to previously unmet

How we learned to
hear and see what
cannot be reached
with physical

And how to
experience power
by uniting
force with spirit

How to distinguish
spirit from spirit
manifesting physically for
freeing spirituality and

How to heal
and become invisible
physically and spiritually
and lift the veil of void
for creation?


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§ 2 Responses to Creative Unknown

  • […] And how do I get back in the flow of life after frustration, running into walls, experiencing dissonance? I find what’s in “it”, in the denial room, the vault, the subconscious, basic self, inner child, pandora’s box, whatever you call it. And I am prepared to be surprised when the door is open. Then I allow myself to scream! […]

  • […] Or maybe he believed unbalanced types are more creative in quality, since the sustaining of imbalance is essential to their well defined inner identity as God(s). In that case I could share a pattern: Unless an individual can reach balance, his inner identity remains locked within himself, producing a variety of psychological stresses and symptoms, and thus fails to reach the status of a truly creative process. […]

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