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Šejla Kameric crochet, II

Image by Judah Morford via Flickr

Yesterday Patrice and me went to Brussels, to the Routes Award.

In times where cultural dogmas lead to harmful segregation it is vital to show the work of artists who have a talent to reach an audience and who speak to the imagination.

Talkin’ ’bout zeitgeist …


Tom Brown’s Philosophy I in Holland!

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Stalking Arctic Wolf

Image via Wikipedia

Tom Brown Jr. will be in Austerlitz, Holland this Summer to teach a Philosophy 1 class on June 27th-July 3rd, 2011.

Tom Brown Jr., America’s most renowned tracker and wilderness survival expert, has devoted his life to educating people in the skills of Tracking, Wilderness Awareness and Survival.

This course covers the philosophy by which Stalking Wolf lived his life, and that he taught to Tom during their 10 years together

Winners and losers

December 5, 2010 § 1 Comment

It is now known that most cosmic rays are atom...

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Western patriarchical culture outdid itself. Male energy of men and women that subscribe to patriarchy, is heading for a tremendous burn-out. A system that is rapidly losing control over what it conjures up. A system that does not respond effectively to its own knock-on effects.
Winners and losers

Life of a Star: 12 billion years in 6 minutes

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Bobby Mitchell, Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 4

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No-Boundary Universe?

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The Hubble Ultra Deep Field, is an image of a ...

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In Stephen Hawkings’ no-boundary universe the universe is shaped like the surface of a sphere, with four dimensions instead of two. A surface that we can travel without ever running into an edge. In this analogy, unfolding in imaginary time, the North Pole associates with the Big Bang as the start of the universe. And just as the North Pole is not a singularity, neither would the Big Bang be. Bookprint was invented in many places at the same time by many people, like some kind of critical mass …

Yet modern studies seem to show the universe is flat … for as far as the one eye can see …

The Whole Point

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Thank you Tissy for …

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The way you trusted me,
and put your head in my lap,
ready to be fondled,
and enjoy it while
grunting with satisfaction.

The way you trusted me,
with the cleaning of your eyes
and giving you tears,
leaning against my leg,
so it was easily done.

The way you trusted me,
sleeping in your bed at night
giving me your warmth
and just enough room
for me to also sleep.

The way you trusted me,
to follow you when we walked
and how you came back
whenever I called your name
with flapping ears of joy.

The way you greeted me,
if I had been away a bit
giving me happy grins
and a smiling body
actively saying “hellooo!”

The way you left that was so sudden,
my sweater still smells of you,
you are in my bed still,
and when I go out the door,
I can see you running around.

Each time.

Parkinson’s food balance

August 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

In Parkinson’s patients there is not enough dopamine to maintain the balance with acetylcholine. Meaning, a Parkinson’s patient needs both, just more of the foods that only stimulate the making of dopamine.

If you are on some L-dopamine as precursor to dopamine (dopamine cannot cross a healthy blood brain barrier), or if you have a food sensitivity or are ill, that has to be taken into account also.

Foods that up both, or specifically either …

Deliciously Quirky » What do they really mean?

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Link sent me by Breidablik. Love it! The whole site!!! Questioning what is meant and verifying and validating everything is always very important. Example …

  • Everything in the multiverse is in a state of vibration. My ship is sailing in oceans of energies, vibrating at various frequencies, and is constantly interacting with an amazing range of other energies – from the mundane to the cosmic. All the various parts of my body are in a state of vibration, organs, tissues, bones, nerves, …

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